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What You Need to Know

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Check out the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions below. If there’s something you need more details about that isn’t mentioned here, please get in touch for more information. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Is PPEC right for my child?

Our kids benefit greatly from the social and developmental aspects of our program, as well as the collaborative, multi-disciplinary, high quality health care they receive because their nurses, therapists and teachers all work together under the same roof to achieve the best results possible.  

Children are eligible from birth to age twenty-one while they require therapeutic or skilled nursing care.  Most of our patients attend Healthcare for Kids all day from Monday through Friday, but we also offer part-time enrollment tailored to your child and family's specific needs. Additionally, we have after-school, Saturday, holiday and summer break programs for children enrolled in school. 

What is the difference between PPEC and PDHC?

There really is no difference.  Different states use different terminology for the same service.  In states like Florida is is PPEC or Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care and in other states they use PDHC or Pediatric Day Health Center.  Same great services are provided by Healthcare for Kids at either facility.

What are some examples of conditions you provide care for?

• Prematurity complications         • Renal disease

• Failure to thrive                              • Tracheomalacia

• Sleep apnea                                     • Tracheostomies

• Metabolic disorders                       • Gastro escophageal reflux

• Chronic lung disease                    • Colostomies

• Cerebral palsy                                  • Post-surgical convalescence

• Immune deficiency                       • Management of asthma

• Cystic fibrosis                                  • IV therapy

• Seizure disorders                            • Accident recuperation

• Heart disease                                  • Medication monitoring

• Muscular dystrophy                      • Post-hospital discharge

• Spina bifida                                     • Genetic Anomolies

How much will HealthCare For Kids services cost me?

Nothing. HealthCare for Kids PPEC services are provided at zero out of pocket cost. 


PPEC services, including transportation to and from our centers, are fully covered by Florida Medicaid, MediKids and the Children's Medical Services Plan. MediKids is available to all Florida children ages 1 through 4 so long as the child does not have other health care coverage.

If you think your child and family might benefit from Healthcare for Kid's services, contact us and we'll advise you on how you can enroll your child in HealthCare for Kids PPEC at zero cost to you.

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